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Your Contact Information

Only your first name and the first letter of your last name will ever be provided to the companies you work with.
We will use it to contact you. We will also provide it to the companies you are working with
We will provide it to companies you are working with so that you can contact easily
A slack channel will be set for every project you are working on. If you already have a slack account, please set it here
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Your profile picture will be displayed so as to illustrate your profile. We allow any sort of picture but remind you that the more professional it is, the more chances you will get to attract companies
We will use this information to establish bills for you. Only your city and your country will be publicly displayed
Choose a password, it will be used to connect to your account and see the projects you applied to.

How It Works ?

You create your profile in 4 quick steps
We send you projects for which you propose your own price
The client pay first, and then you start working
We take care of all the administrative stuff, you focus on your work
Once the project is finished and validated by the client, we pay your directly.